Full Design Services will take you through the entire interiors design process from beginning to end. Every design provides a unique opportunity to address your needs, create a comfortable and healthy environment where you can express your own personal taste and interests.

With 15+ years of experience as an Architectural, Interior and Furniture Designer, Kristi has carried a broad range of residential design challenges from start-to-finish. Her sensitivity to color, scale, details and the environment will compliment any design process.

Ready to get started?
Let’s meet! An initial consultation will give us both the sense we need to kick-off this exciting journey together.


Kristi and her team can offer a range of rendering services to support your design presentation.

  • All renderings are developed by hand, SketchUp, Photoshop or a combination of these
  • Level of looseness vs. tightness can be determined based on stage of design process
  • Rendering styles are available in pen, pencil, marker, watercolor or combination of these
  • Renderings are available in black+white, greyscale or color
  • Patterns, textures, materials and scale can be integrated into any rendering
  • Renderings can be developed from specifications, furniture plans, elevations + photos
  • Post-Project renderings are available and can be produced from a photo

Although some renderings are posted on this site, you can see the bulk of our renderings here :


Stuck with a design challenge or running out of time?
Design Development Services are offered in collaboration with your vision to develop the initial concept.Design already flushed out?
Presentation drawings can help sell your concepts to your clients.Ready to build?
Production Drawings provide the necessary details and information so your preferred artisan or vendor can get to work.


Looking for stylized materials? Need to communicate complex ideas in a clear and simple way?
Kristi’s range of Graphic Design services can turn your communication needs into a work of art.

  • Logo + Identity Development
  • Custom Silkscreen – paper products and textiles
  • Wedding Invitations + Suites
  • Promotional Materials
  • Commissioned Artwork